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Welcome to! If you have been searching for a site that will provide you with information regarding discount travel then you have finally found it!  Our site is dedicated to providing travelers with useful information regarding many types of discount traveling.  From cruises to travel packages we have it all. does not promote any one company or method of travel.  Our method is simply provide you with enough information for you to make the best choices for your vacation.  Every person deserves a vacation at some point in their life and wants to provide every traveler with some money saving tips!

Everyone loves, and deserves a good vacation.  Rather it be a romantic cruise with your significant other or a trip to the latest amusement park with your children; vacations are a great way to enjoy the world around you and simply kick back and relax.  However planning a vacation can be quite stressful and it tends to take a toll on your bank account.  Many expenses go into a vacation; airfare, hotels, food, rental cars, and activities all add up to quite a lot.  You shouldn’t let the high cost of a great time deter you from vacationing there are many travel packages and discount websites available to help you afford your good time.  These sources are great at helping you save money and still fit in all the wonderful activities you planned on for your vacation.  Regardless of where your favorite vacation spot may be there are discounts and packages that are available to ensure you will have a great time at a low price. 

When you are looking for the best deal on your vacation the best place to start looking for travel packages is on discount travel sites.  These sites strive to offer the lowest prices possible on everything from airfare to attraction passes.  However, if you’re looking for a few easy clicks then you are not in luck.  Often times finding the best deals takes a lot of digging and searching through websites.  The money you save on your trip will be completely worth all of the hard work you put into finding good deals.  There are hundreds of websites available; you hear and see commercials for them every day on tv and the radio.  Put that knowledge to good use and look into those sites.  They often times compete with one another for the best pricing and prices can change daily; make sure to snag a good deal when you come across one.  One of the biggest mistakes people looking for discount prices have is they are expecting to come across a huge deal.  You need to understand that this is rare, and is not very likely at all.  Most discount travel sites offer 5-10% discounts off hotels, airfare and even rental cars.  When you are spending hundreds of dollars 5-10% is actually quite a lot.   

Another place to search for awesome deals on travel packages and discounts is with a travel agent.  The only downfall of hiring an agent is that they can be quite pricey; however it is their job to find you the best deals.  They will do all the hard work for you and strive to find the best deals available for your vacation.  Additionally often times travel agents can add on their own discounts on your vacation just by purchasing airfare and hotels through their company.  Over 50% of the top of the line travel agencies offer clients over a 7% discount just by booking vacations through their agency.  Call around to many different travel agencies to see who offers the best prices and discounts before you agree to meet with one agent.  This will save you precious time and money. 

Once your discount vacation is booked there is a lot to do to prepare.  You need to arrange vacation plans, as well as pack luggage.  We have provided some helpful hints to get you started on your way to the best vacation of your life. 

1- If you have pets ask a relative to watch them.  This will save you the hundreds of dollars you could potentially spend on hiring a sitter or dropping them off at a kennel service. 

2- Talk to the neighbors about picking up your mail and newspaper.  The number one thing that buglers look for is build up of mail because your home is an easy target when you are away.  If your neighbors aren’t willing to help out, call the postal service, they can delay your mail free of charge. 

3- Set a timer for the main lights in your house.  A dark house is the second thing burglars watch for in homes.  Setting a timer will make it appear as if someone is present in the home. 

4- Make a list of all the ways your loved ones can contact you.  In case of an emergency it is always important for people to know how to get a hold of you.  Numbers to hotels, dinner reservations and even providing an itinerary is important. 

5- Pack, pack and pack!! Clothes for every day of your trip and even extras are important.  Personal hygiene from tooth brushes to deodorant.  Entertainment items like books, mp3 payers and laptops are important.  To top it all off you can purchase an array of discount luggage sets online to make your packing easy and convenient.


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