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A great option for people who are looking for a vacation that is full of great activities and sightseeing is booking a cruise.  There are cruises that sail to basically anywhere you can imagine, from Alaska to Athens.  Choosing a cruise will allow you to see a number of different places because ships usually port at 3-6 different locations per tip.  You can also choose a ship that sets sail from nearly any, sea touching, state within the United States from California to Florida and even Louisiana.  They are also great because they include an array of activities with purchase.  Not only are you paying for a room and transportation to exotic locations but you are also paying for fine dining, fun excursions and even children’s retreats and adult retreats.  Cruises are a one of a kind experience and often times you can purchase your trip in a package deal that includes airfare and excursion pricing. 

Fortunately, there are easy steps that travelers can take to find the best cruise deals available.  First, choose your destination.  This will allow you to narrow your search so you can begin looking for the best deals different companies offer for your chosen location.  Most people are interested in tropic locations like the Bahamas and the Caribbean so the best deals will come from those locations.  However, you can find cheap rates to other locations.  In the winter months cruises to warmer places actually cost more than those that set sail to cooler locations.  Booking very early or very late will also help you lower the cost of your trip.  Most companies offer discounts for early booking and then equally for late booking when they are trying to fill their ship. Another way to save money on your trip is to choose a ship that gives you open planning options.  Many cruise lines offer many options on meals and excursions.  This allows passengers to choose cheaper options to cut on price if they want.  

When you are booking your cruise line trip remember that while your cruise may set sail from the United States it will most likely visit a foreign country so you will, most likely, need a passport. Never hesitate to ask questions regarding your trip.  After all you are the one spending money and you disserve to have a great experience.   You can get information that you need regarding the preparations and in the selection of your cruising package; all you need to do is ask for questions and recommendations.


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