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What are the first steps of planning a vacation?

First off, where are some places you would like to go?  Many people have locations in mind when they plan a vacation and even if they don’t know an exact location they have a certain climate or an activity in mind.  Find a consensus within your group regarding where you would like to go.  Next you must establish how much you are willing to spend.  There are travel packages that will allow you to travel quite inexpensively.  You should also choose some things that you would like to do on vacation if you will need to purchase passes for them.  Some people choose to merely sight see and relax but others choose to plan activities for their trip.  If you will need passes for an amusement park or a sporting resort then you should have some sort of understanding about where and when you plan to perform these activities.   Lastly you should choose airlines and hotels that are acceptable to you and your group.  Nicer hotels will be more expensive than simple hotels and some airlines are costlier than others.  Once you have established these two things your travel agent will be able to choose the best travel package for you.  

Is it alright to use internet travel sites?

Most internet travel sites are great! They offer amazing discounted prices on airfare and hotel stay.  Often times they are able to offer travel packages that include that discounted price on airfare and boarding as and then include rental cars and activities for a lesser price as well. Travel sites compete with each other for the lowest prices so make sure you check many of them to be sure you are getting the best price.  Even if you only wish to purchase your airfare from a travel site you will save well earned money.   Before you book your package online be sure to read the fine print.  You want to be sure you understand exactly what you are agreeing to pay for and what will be included. 

What are the most common types of travel luggage?

The most common form of luggage is the suitcase.  Suitcases usually have a large compartment for individuals to place their clothing and other needs.  Many suitcases also have separate compartments where you can store an array of other items.  From shampoo and soap to shoes, most items can be stored in a suitcase.  Suitcases are usually hard shelled which makes them great for travel because they can be dropped and the items within them will remain protected.   The hard shell also allows for maximum packing space. Next to the suitcase the duffle bag is extremely popular.  Many travelers choose to take duffel bags for shorter trips.  A duffel bag can carry an array of items from clothes to toiletries.  Because it is not hard shelled it is malleable and can be placed in relatively small places within a car or airplane.  People who travel a lot by plane love to carry on duffle bags so there is a lower chance of losing their bags. 


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